Professional Equity Compensation Risk Analysis & Tax Planning
"StockOpter is THE name in stock compensation management, analysis and strategy modeling." Valuation & Risk Analysis

Advises clients on when to exercise/sell their employer stock and options based on risk
" is the premier platform for providing equity compensation guidance."

New Tax Planning

Models multi-year equity compensation tax and cash flow strategies
"Calculates how many ISOs that can be exercised up to the AMT limit." for Recipients

Personal guidance for managing one's company stock & options
" is perfect for anyone with equity compensation and no idea when to take action."


Enables advisors to monitor equity comp. positions and provide guidance including risk analytics & detailed tax planning.

Excel Based

Our original tax planning tool will be discontinued in 2023. Comparable functionality is now available in

For Recipients

Enables “do-it-yourselfers” to analyze their company stock/option holdings and make rational exercise & sell decisions.
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Incorporated 1999, Net Worth Strategies is the wealth management industry leader in equity compensation risk analysis and tax planning applications. The platform enables financial advisors to attract and assist clients that receive company stock and options. On average, advisors that use StockOpter report that they generate over $750,000 in AUM per client and can charge between $2,500-$10,000 annually for equity compensation guidance and tax planning. StockOpter-based guidance helps clients maximize the value of their employee stock options, restricted/performance shares and company stock holdings by providing unique information that facilitates timely, informed and tax efficient exercise/sell decisions.