User Testimonials

POSTED ON May 22, 2013 BY Bill Dillhoefer

“Great website!  This would be very valuable to the thousands of people who have stock options and have no idea what to do about exercising them.”  Merck & Co. Recipient “Two essential functions make the ideal tool for advising corporate executives: 1) the “Monitoring” feature adds needed structure to what would otherwise be a […]


Conducting Equity Compensation Participant Workshops

POSTED ON May 16, 2013 BY Bill Dillhoefer

The 2011 Domestic Stock Plan Administration Survey co-sponsored by the NASPP (National Association of Stock Plan Professionals) and Deloitte Consulting identified 2 statistics indicating that the majority of issuing companies could do more to assist employees to understand their equity compensation: 76% of surveyed companies don’t provide plan participants with information to assist them on […]


Current Trends in Equity Compensation

POSTED ON May 9, 2013 BY Bill Dillhoefer

By Jennifer Namazi, Editorial Director, NASPP on May  9, 2013.  From the NASPP Blog: Across my desk this week came the latest report from Equilar, an executive compensation data firm, on equity trends. In their 2013 Equity Trends Report, key findings included upticks in the use of restricted stock and performance shares, and a […]