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Engaging Gen X & Y Clients: 5 Steps Applied to Stock Compensation Guidance

POSTED ON November 15, 2017 BY Bill Dillhoefer

IMAGE: Rawpixel / Unsplash In an article from Financial Advisor Magazine, financial services marketing strategist Gail Graham points out that Gen X and Y are very different consumers than Baby Boomers. She says they are more inclined to comparison shop for value propositions, prices, products and the types of client experience they want. Consequently, these potential clients will […]

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8 Terms To Understand Regarding Your Stock Compensation

POSTED ON November 3, 2017 BY Bill Dillhoefer

IMAGE: Nonwarit / 123RF Stock Photo If you have recently started receiving stock compensation from your employer or are considering going to work for a new firm that offers equity as part of their compensation package, here are eight terms that you may need to understand. 1) Stock Options: If you receive employee stock options, […]