Underwater Stock Options Aren't Drowned

“Under Water” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Drowned”

POSTED ON October 19, 2022 BY Bill Dillhoefer

The following article was written by financial advisor John Olsen about 15 years ago.  At the time, the stock market like now had been hit with a substantial correction.  Company stock and option holdings had lost considerable value and many recipients believed the loss was permanent.  However, we all know the stock market recovered leading […]


How Advisors Can Help Clients with 10b5-1 Trading Plans

POSTED ON October 12, 2022 BY Bill Dillhoefer

Financial advisors with executive clients that receive employer stock and option grants need to understand 10b5-1 trading plans. The following 10b5-1 Overview from the myStockOptions.com Blog provides an introduction to these trading plans. However, in addition to understanding the basics, advisors also need to be able to identify appropriate exercise and sell price targets and […]

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Providing Equity Compensation Guidance

POSTED ON October 4, 2022 BY Bill Dillhoefer

Fee compression has become a major challenge for the wealth management industry. This video explains why financial advisors now need to provide clients with specialized and sophisticated advice instead of just portfolio management. One such discipline is assisting clients that receive stock-based compensation from their employers. Here’s how financial advisors can beat fee compression and justify […]