In their March 2013 Equity Compensation Report, the NCEO (National Center for Employee Ownership) identified 40 of the 900 largest public companies in the United States that provide broad-based stock options to employees. These companies include Apple, Cisco, Deere, Merck and Southwest Airlines. Click the following link for the names of all 40 companies.

NCEO List of Companies with Broad Employee Stock Option Plans

For financial advisors seeking clients with employee stock options this is a great prospect list because it is almost impossible to find out who is granting what. Given these are broad-based plans, it is likely there are a large number of individuals in these companies that need help determining when to exercise their stock options.

Financial advisors that can analyze and manage employee stock options are well positioned to attract clients from these 40 firms. Refer to the article on the “Do’s and Don’ts for Engaging Corporate Executives” for ideas on pursuing this opportunity.

The NCEO analysis of the 900 companies indicates whether they have an ESPP (employee stock purchase plan), equity grant program (options and restricted shares) or an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) or similar plan. For information on how to obtain the full list contact Corey Rosen at

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