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In his article in Financial Planning, Craig Faulkner describes 5 trending marketing strategies advisors should consider using to reach new clients next year. Here’s a short summary of these strategies that can help financial advisors to target clients that receive employer stock and option grants.

  1. Share your unique narrative of how and why you got into the business and why you specialize in equity compensation guidance.  This is more compelling than listing your degrees and work history because it tells a better story.  Use content, videos and images on your website to show visitors who you are and what you do.
  2. Use anonymous client case studies to describe how you have helped them solve a problem or overcome an obstacle related to their company stock and options.  Real world situations are very effective at illustrating the power of equity compensation guidance.
  3. Share your blog content with multiple social media sites to give it more exposure and drive more traffic to your website.  Use stock compensation articles in newsletters, post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and repurpose them into a Slideshare presentation.
  4. Focus on one or two social media platforms instead of jumping on as many as possible.  For example, LinkedIn is ideal for catering to corporate executives. Facebook is better for targeting younger employees.
  5. Maximize your use of local business listings.  The more directories that include your listing, the easier it will be to find you. You’re also more likely to appear higher in search results.

In addition to using these marketing strategies to reach new clients next year, it is also important to keep track of what works and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

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