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The Equity Compensation Planning Dilemma For Corporate Executives

POSTED ON June 1, 2020 BY Jack

Geoffrey M. Zimmerman, CFP® This article was first published at It is kindly reprinted here with permission. Executives, as corporate insiders, face both planning concerns and potential landmines in their equity compensation. Your actions are highly visible, and you must perform a delicate balancing act to meet the needs, demands, and perceptions of the […]


Diversifying Risk with Executive Compensation: 6 Considerations

POSTED ON September 5, 2014 BY Jack

Executive compensation can leave you with a substantial equity concentration and you may wish to think about diversifying the risk involved in this. Although such equity concentration can be enviable while the company is doing well, there is the danger that wealth can be seriously devalued if the stock underperforms. We are going to look […]


Using StockOpter to Generate Referrals

POSTED ON May 30, 2012 BY Jack

Here are 5 common reasons why clients don’t want to provide advisors with referrals and how StockOpter can help. They don’t value your services: This can occur when you simply “tell” clients they should diversify their equity compensation portfolio instead of providing” them with a framework for making timely and profitable decisions. The platform […]