The Changing Importance of Equity Compensation

POSTED ON June 30, 2021 BY Bill Dillhoefer

The “2020 Equity Compensation Participant Survey,” from Charles Schwab is the latest update in an annual series of reports that track the behaviors of equity compensation plan participants. Many of the questions in this survey were focused on the coronavirus pandemic which has driven many people to make decisions about exercising or selling equity compensation. […]


Employees Seek More Guidance on Equity Awards During Crisis

POSTED ON July 31, 2020 BY Bill Dillhoefer

In 2013, the stock plan services team at UBS set out to better understand how employees engage with their equity awards. Through research conducted for the UBS Participant Voice, they identified trends that impact how much employees value their equity awards. It was discovered that employees do not value what they don’t understand, and that […]

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Executive Share Ownership Guidelines and Stock Retention Requirements 2020

POSTED ON June 8, 2020 BY Bill Dillhoefer

This article is from the Ayco Compensation & Benefits Digest May 15, 2020 edition. Share ownership guidelines for executives continue to be a common feature at an overwhelming majority of U.S. public companies. The basic premise of mandating ownership of company stock is that the interests of senior management will more closely align with those […]

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The Equity Compensation Planning Dilemma For Corporate Executives

POSTED ON June 1, 2020 BY Jack

Geoffrey M. Zimmerman, CFP® This article was first published at It is kindly reprinted here with permission. Executives, as corporate insiders, face both planning concerns and potential landmines in their equity compensation. Your actions are highly visible, and you must perform a delicate balancing act to meet the needs, demands, and perceptions of the […]

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Video: 5 Things You Need to Know About Your Employer Stock and Options

POSTED ON April 15, 2020 BY Bill Dillhoefer

  This video for engaging stock plan participants illustrates StockOpter’s unique analytics. It’s a video version of the “5 Things You Should Know About Your Employer Stock and Options” flyer. It can be used to promote a firm’s equity compensation guidance capabilities. Net Worth Strategies collaborated with FA Client Machine to create this video as […]

Underwater Stock Options Aren't Drowned

“Under Water” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Drowned”

POSTED ON April 6, 2020 BY Bill Dillhoefer

The following article was written by financial advisor John Olsen over 10 years ago.  At the time, the stock market like now had been hit with a substantial correction.  Company stock and option holdings had lost considerable value and many recipients believed the loss was permanent.  However, we all know the stock market recovered leading […]

10yr S&P 500 Mar20-2020

Market Volatility and Employee Stock Option Values

POSTED ON March 29, 2020 BY Bill Dillhoefer

  The stock market has been on a roller coaster the last few weeks, but in general the S&P 500 index is not far from its all time high. Consequently, most employee stock options granted in the last ten years are likely to still be significantly “In-the-Money” (current stock price above the grant price) as […]


Key Findings From E*TRADE’s Annual Stock Plan Participant Survey

POSTED ON December 30, 2019 BY Bill Dillhoefer

Here are the key findings from the E*TRADE 2019 survey of stock plan participants. Stock plan benefits drive participants’ perception of ownership and recognition: 59% say “my stock plan provides me with a sense of ownership in the company” 59% believe “My contributions to my company’s performance are acknowledged through the equity grants I receive“ […]


Survey Says Stock Plan Participants Need Advisor Assistance

POSTED ON November 29, 2019 BY Bill Dillhoefer

According to new research from Schwab Stock Plan Services, the average vested value of U.S. workers’ equity compensation is $97,711 and the average total value of their equity compensation is $149,835. The study, which examines the attitudes and behaviors of 1,000 equity compensation plan participants who currently receive employee stock options or restricted stock awards […]


Insight Ratio: The Stock Option Exercise Secret

POSTED ON August 14, 2019 BY Bill Dillhoefer

Determining the right time to exercise and sell  one’s employee stock options is the key to maximizing the value of this benefit. Stock options are granted at a fixed grant price that must be exercised after vesting and prior to the expiration date to realize their value. During the time between vesting and expiration (usually […]