A good way of attracting new clients and assets under management is to conduct equity compensation seminars.  Employees that receive company stock and options are often eager to learn how to get the most out of these holdings.  Here’s a set of PowerPoint slides that explain the fundamentals of equity compensation and shows recipients what they need to know to make informed and profitable diversification decisions.

Equity Compensation Seminar Slides

This turn-key seminar positions the presenter as a subject matter expert and encourages attendees to sign up for individual equity compensation review sessions. This is the agenda:

  • Myths and Truths about Equity Compensation
  • A Sample Equity Compensation Analysis
  • Equity Compensation Concepts and Taxation
  • StockOpter Analysis Tables and Charts Concepts
  • Additional Resources and Next Steps

For additional information regarding conducting seminars for equity compensation recipients contact Bill Dillhoefer at 541-383-3899.

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