The 2011 Domestic Stock Plan Administration Survey co-sponsored by the NASPP (National Association of Stock Plan Professionals) and Deloitte Consulting identified 2 statistics indicating that the majority of issuing companies could do more to assist employees to understand their equity compensation:

  1. 76% of surveyed companies don’t provide plan participants with information to assist them on an ongoing basis.
  2. 55% don’t provide employee presentations on stock compensation.

To address this need, here is a set of slides that can be used to conduct personalized workshops: StockOpter-com Company Workshop Slides (12-7-11)FINAL2. This presentation includes:

  • Myths and Truths about Equity Compensation
  • Equity Compensation Definitions & Concepts
  • Taxation Fundamentals
  • Sample Analysis
  • Decision Support Resources

Contact Bill Dillhoefer ( for more information about this workshop.

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