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The NASPP (National Association of Stock Plan Professionals) has published the results of a quick survey they conducted of how companies are responding to COVID-19 when it comes to their equity award programs. Here are the key findings detailed in the full report:

  • Top Concerns: Restoring lost value to equity awards and adjusting performance targets to meet current expectations are the top two concerns for survey respondents. Reduced participation is the top concern participants have for ESPPs.
  • Actions Under Consideration: Most respondents are not currently considering actions to address existing underwater equity awards or concerns related to burn rates.
  • Employee Communications: Most respondents have not made any special communications to employees. Just under 20% of respondents have issued communications on market volatility or insider trading compliance procedures.

An Important Note About This Survey Data: NASPP Quick Surveys are intended to be a quick, informal snapshot of current trends and practices.  While minimal steps are taken to eliminate duplicate and invalid responses, the data is not subject to the level of scrutiny that a more formal survey would be subject to.

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