Here’s an idea financial advisors can use to entice executives into seeking their professional assistance. It is called the StockOpter Teaser Report because it provides employee stock options recipients with unique information that compels them to reach out for help.

This is a standard report templated included with a subscription of These reports can be created individually for prospects, but ideally they should be produced for groups of 25+ stock option recipients by importing their grant data via spreadsheet into StockOpter. As a corporate sponsored program, this 1-2 page report helps participants understand two key concepts regarding their stock options and provides them with the opportunity to get assistance. Consequently, it benefits the company and their plan participants by fostering motivation and retention via profitable decsion-making. This “personalized” report consists of the following parts:

  1. The individual’s Forfeit Value calculation and explanation of this number
  2. A brief description of the Insight Ratio metric
  3. A table containing the Insight Ratios for all their vested options
  4. A brief case for considering exercising and selling based on this value
  5. A call to action to discuss this information with a financial advisor

For more information on using this report in an executive services program email Bill Dillhoefer at or call him at 541-383-3899.

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