Here’s the latest news, tips and information for financial advisors that help clients with the diversification of their company stock and options.

Are You Using Social Media Effectively to Prospect Online: In the past, advisors relied heavily on cold calls, door-knocking and referrals to meet new clients. While these are all still valuable prospecting tools, today’s advisors have the ability to reach out and connect with thousands of potential clients at the touch of a button using social media. By implementing even a few of the strategies outlined in this article, advisors have the ability to reach out to thousands of prospects they may never have otherwise had the chance to meet.

Tax Tips for Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs): Geoff Zimmerman from Mosaic Financial says the best way to explain the complex tax rules of ESPPs is thru examples. His article helps ESPP participants to better understand the nuances of these plans.

Things for Employees to Review by Year EndRichard Friedman of the Ayco Company explains how getting into a regular habit to take affirmative action with company benefits can avoid major problems. Here is his “top five” year-end reminders, which incorporate mistakes all levels of employees make – from the recently hired employee to long-term senior executives.

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  • The end of the year is a good time to run an equity compensation analysis for your clients that receive company stock and employee stock options. Here’s a sample analysis that provides a framework for having proactive diversification discussions and for getting clients to establish an action plan for their company holdings.

The StockOpter team would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season with prosperity and success in 2017.   Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with your equity compensation diversification opportunities.

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