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Here’s the latest news, tips and information for financial advisors that assist clients who receive company stock and options.

How the Recent Stock Market Correction Effects Stock Option Values: Although this article was written a year and a half ago, it still holds true.  Despite recent “corrections” most employee stock options granted in the last ten years are likely to be significantly “In-the-Money” (current stock price above the grant price).  This correction serves as yet another reminder for advisors and recipients alike of the need to use an equity compensation management platform to analyze and monitor their positions.

Major Trends in Equity Compensation Over the Past 25 YearsAs part of the 15th anniversary of in June 2015, their staff wrote an article that reviews, in rough chronological order, some of the major issues and developments in equity compensation that it has witnessed.

New StockOpter Analytics:  A new Dashboard, Table and Chart summarizes an individual’s equity compensation by asset and tax values was recently added to Samples of the new output can be viewed in the updated StockOpter Sample Report and the Report Presentation Guide.

New Articles on the StockOpter University: 

The importance of 1-on-1 participant interactions: Jennifer Namazi from the NASPP points out that a UBS participant survey cited higher level satisfaction with plan education when it included one on one conversations.  Additional information suggests that advisor based equity comp. assistance programs can close value perception and education gaps.

Business Tip: Use the latest StockOpter Sample Reports to show executives with equity compensation what they need to know about their company stock and options holdings.

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