Industry information and ideas to help financial advisors grow their practices by engaging corporate executives with equity compensation, managing their holdings and helping them make profitable diversification decisions.

How Recent Stock Market Corrections Effect Employee Stock Options: The stock market has been all over the place lately, but in general the major indices are down about 5% from the recent all time highs. However, despite this recent “correction” most employee stock options granted in the last ten years are likely to be “In-the-Money” (current stock price above the grant price) as explained by this article.

The Keys to a Successful Executive Services Program: After 14 years in this industry, here are the top 5 things we’ve learned regarding implementing programs to attract and assist executives with equity compensation.

What’s new for the 2014 tax-return season? Here’s a summary from of the tax code and form changes effecting equity compensation recipients. Additionally, if your clients are contemplating exercising and holding incentive stock options this year they should do so sooner rather than later and this article on ISO Planning Guidelines explains why.

New Video: What Advisors Need to Know About Equity Compensation to Generate Business: With an estimated 10 million recipients of employee stock options, restricted shares and performance grants, these high net worth prospects are a great opportunity for financial advisors to drive revenue by providing diversification assistance. This webinar hosted by Mike Sakraida founder of the LinkedIn Group – Financial Advisor Network (FAN) provides a framework for engaging and assisting individuals who receive equity compensation.

Practice Building Resources: For over five years and at no cost, FAN has been helping its advisor members share ideas and hear from experts about building sustainable and more valuable advisory practices by obtaining wealthier clients, in less time and with less effort. The FAN website contains a variety of articles, videos and resources.

What to Do When You Get a Referral: Here’s some practical guidance from Stephen Wershing, President of Client Driven Practice, LLC, a firm that specializes in coaching financial advisors on creating referral marketing plans that work. User Tip: The StockOpter Dashboards are a powerful way of showing clients the effects of stock price changes. Consider using the “Key Ratios” dashboard to illustrate a 10% decrease in the stock price over the next 3 months by changing the “Price” and “BSV Date” assumptions. The resulting Higher “Insight Ratios” and lower “In-the-Money” values may help clients to better understand the risk/reward tradeoff of holding their vested options. Other user tips can be found in the for Advisors FAQs.

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