Here are the key findings from the E*TRADE 2019 survey of stock plan participants.

Stock plan benefits drive participants’ perception of ownership and recognition:

  • 59% say “my stock plan provides me with a sense of ownership in the company”
  • 59% believe “My contributions to my company’s performance are acknowledged through the equity grants I receive

Participants require assistance with understanding how their stock plan benefits work and potential tax implications:

  • 59% understand their vesting schedule
  • 53% understand how their stock plan benefits work
  • 31% understand the impact of taxes

Stock plan participants are looking for guidance as it relates to important considerations as their vest date approaches and how to include their stock plan benefits into their overall financial strategy:

  • 48% want guidance on what actions can be considered when stock plan benefits are granted and/or vested
  • 39% want to know how stock plan benefits fit into an overall financial plan

Stock plan education programs can only go so far. Companies stop short of providing stock plan guidance on how to mitigate risks and achieve financial goals.

This creates a great opportunity for independent financial advisors. Using equity compensation analysis tools like, advisors are able to address risk and planning issues to bridge the “Education” v. “Guidance” gap.


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