By Jill Addison

You’ve chosen to focus on corporate executive clients as a niche in your financial advisory practice. Great! But here’s the biggest mistake so many advisors make: they don’t put this niche focus and specialty front and center in their marketing.

Having a niche is one of the biggest keys to growing a successful practice. But if no one knows about your niche, the power of it is lost.

That’s where marketing comes in. You must platform your niche in a compelling and engaging way through your marketing, so that the executives who need your services understand immediately how you can help them.

Here are the top five places your niche focus should be immediately evident when prospective clients encounter you:

  1. Your business card
  2. Your website
  3. Your social media
  4. Your email marketing
  5. Your LinkedIn profile

One of the most effective ways to communicate about your niche is through video. As attention spans shrink and the competition for that attention grows, it’s essential to use communication tools that grab people’s attention, engage them quickly, and leave a memorable impression. One of the best ways to do this is using whiteboard animated videos.

Whiteboard animated videos are especially well-suited for financial services in several ways:

  1. Comfort: The light-hearted, whimsical style of these videos helps put people at ease. Even for corporate executives, it can be intimidating to come in to see a financial advisor. These videos help them feel more comfortable looking at their own financial picture. This will go far in helping turn interested prospects into new clients.
  2. Visual: The visual nature of whiteboard videos helps make complex concepts simpler and more understandable. This helps you deliver on your promise as an educator in a new and especially enjoyable way.
  3. Body chemistry hack: When your prospective client watches a whiteboard video, at the moment of discovery when they realize what’s being drawn, a burst of dopamine (the chemical associated with delight at something unexpected) gets released in their system. So you actually hack into your prospective client’s body chemistry to put them in a happy state of mind. Since all buying decisions are made emotionally and justified later with logic, this is an important key in turning prospects into clients.
  4. Video > text: People just don’t want to read anymore. They want to watch video. So when you use video to communicate with them, you show that you’re staying current and relevant and delivering information in a way they really enjoy.

If you’d like to use video to educate prospects and clients about your equity compensation planning services, consider resources like that specialize in helping advisors with niches communicate more effectively using whiteboard animated videos.

Jill Addison is the founder of the FA Client Machine and the author of “Financial Advisor’s 7 Steps to Video Marketing Success.” For over a decade, Jill has immersed herself in all aspects of video production and digital media marketing, blending creativity with strategic thinking to introduce a system for sophisticated advisors who have a clear niche market.

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