StockOpter’s risk analysis reports provide stock plan recipients with the information they need to know to make timely and informed decisions regarding their equity compensation grants. These “template based” documents are highly customizable and contain information that is NOT provided via stock plan administration platforms.

StockOpter client deliverables includes concepts such as: time value, leverage, forfeit value, concentration, goal attainment, after tax value and a metric that helps determine when to exercise ones options (Insight Ratio). Here are samples of the most common reports produced by

  • Sample StockOpter RSAs ONLY Report: designed specifically for individuals that have restricted stock/unit grants and company shares that they own outright. This NEW report facilitates prudent diversification decisions by valuing these holdings, illustrating risk/reward and proposing a diversification framework.

For more information about the concepts contained in these report view the Concept Videos section of this blog.

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