“Great website!  This would be very valuable to the thousands of people who have stock options and have no idea what to do about exercising them.”  Merck & Co. Recipient

“Two essential functions make StockOpter.com the ideal tool for advising corporate executives: 1) the “Monitoring” feature adds needed structure to what would otherwise be a risky market timing approach to diversifying concentrated company stock positions and 2) the opportunity for an executive to see his or her potential “Forfeit Value” help them properly value their comp package which come in handy if they are considering a career change or recruiting offer.” John Barringer, Executive Wealth Planning Partners

“I’ve found great value in using the StockOpter “what-if” dashboards to help create time and price decisions for my clients.”  Geoff Zimmerman, Mosaic Financial Partners

“Thanks for a great site!  I had been looking for something or someone to help me make rational decisions about stock options.  Your site is exactly what I was hoping for.”  Pixar (Disney) Executive

“The real value of StockOpter.com lies not in its computational, analytical and modeling capabilities (strong as they are) or in its capacity to manage data, but in its potential for managing key relationships.  First and foremost StockOpter is a relationship management tool.”  John L. Olsen, CLU, ChFC, AEP and Financial Guru

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