and StockOpter Pro are widely acclaimed as the best equity compensation diversification tools in the financial advisory industry. Although they are COMPLETELY different, both are designed to help clients that receive company stock and option grants make profitable diversification decisions. The following descriptions explain how and StockOpter Pro differ. Equity Compensation Risk Analysis & Tracking

A web based platform that provides guidance on when to exercise employee stock options and diversifying company stock positions based on risk. is the best tool for:

  • Attracting new clients and assets under management
  • Identifying diversification opportunities
  • Creating branded equity compensation analysis client deliverables
  • Developing a framework for providing company stock and option guidance
  • Timing employee stock option exercise / sell decisions
  • Monitoring key decision criteria (e.g. Vesting, Expiration, Risk/Reward, Concentration)
  • Illustrating leverage, concentration & market risks
  • Advising clients what they forfeit by leaving the company

StockOpter® Pro: Equity Compensation Tax Planning & Strategy Modeling

An Excel based application that enables users to quickly model employee stock option, restricted stock and company share diversification strategies and optimize them for tax/cash-flow efficiency. StockOpter Pro is the best tool for:

  • Developing goal-based and tax efficient diversification strategies with immediate action plans
  • Comparing the cash flow and taxation results of exercise / sell scenarios to an alternative investment
  • Indexing strategies over a 15 year time horizon against hypothetical company stock prices
  • Optimizing for AMT tax efficiency with ISOs
  • Illustrating stock price best case – worst case scenarios
  • Reducing the time it takes to model and compare strategies with a large number of grants/lots

Click here for a table that compares the features and functions of and StockOpter Pro.

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