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Legal will provide you with information and decision alerts to help you maximize the value of your equity compensation. Here are the 5 things you need to know about your employer stock & options that are included in

  1. Your Insight Ratios™: a metric that helps determine the optimal time to exercise.
  2. Your Forfeit Value™: the equity compensation value lost when you leave your company prior to retirement.
  3. The stock price at which your financial goal is reached.
  4. Your level of concentration in company stock and options.
  5. The estimated tax affects of exercising options or when restricted shares vest. For Recipients is The Best Tool For….

  • Timing employee stock option exercise decisions and the diversification of company shares
  • Monitoring key decision criteria (e.g. Vesting, Expiration, Risk/Reward, Concentration)
  • Assessing the risk of concentrated company stock holdings
  • Illustrating the role company stock and options play in achieving your financial goal for Recipients is available for only $95 per year.

A StockOpter equity compensation analysis provides the information you need to know to make timely and informed decisions. These reports contain information that is NOT provided by your company’s stock plan administration platform including: time value, leverage, forfeit value, concentration, goal attainment, after tax value and a metric that helps determine when to exercise your stock options (The Insight Ratio). Here are samples of the most common reports produced by


StockOpter Sample Reports- Personal Equity Compensation Profile PDF


The StockOpter Equity Compensation Analysis is designed for individuals that have a variety of different grants (i.e.employee stock options, restricted – performance grants, etc.) and possibly some company “owned” or “long” shares. This report enables individuals to make informed decisions regarding their company stock and options by valuing these holdings, illustrating risk/reward and proposing a decision framework.

StockOpter Sample Report- RSAs ONLY Report PDF


The StockOpter Restricted – Performance Shares ONLY Analysis is designed specifically for individuals that only have restricted stock/units or performance grants and company shares that they own outright. This report facilitates prudent diversification decisions by valuing these holdings, illustrating risk/reward and identifying key decision criteria. for Recipients is a hosted web application, using ASP.Net and SQL Database. An internet connection is required. for Recipients comes with extensive product support. From page help, to input field info, to our support forum and concept & how-to- videos. Still need assistance? Contact our Support Team and we would be happy to help. (Support Hours: Monday- Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT)

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“ would be valuable to all the people with stock option that have no idea about when to exercise them.”