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StockOpter Pro’s multi-year tax and cash flow strategy modeling capabilities are now available in!

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StockOpter® Pro is an Excel based application for equity compensation tax planning. It enables users to model and compare employee stock option, restricted stock and company share diversification strategies. These can be optimized for tax/cash-flow efficiency.

StockOpter Pro is for…..

  • Developing goal-based and tax efficient equity compensation diversification strategies with immediate action plans.
  • Comparing the cash flow and taxation results of multiple exercise / sell scenarios to an alternative investment.
  • Optimizing for AMT tax efficiency with ISOs.
  • Illustrating stock price scenarios.
  • For detailed information about StockOpter Pro check out the user’s guide.

Case Study 1: Diversification of Employer Stock

The following case study, illustrated using StockOpter Pro, describes a four step process that enables financial advisors to secure immediate and recurring company stock diversification transactions and assets under management. The four steps are:

  • a) Establish necessity of diversification from concentrated employer stock positions
  • b) Establish strategy for “dollar cost average” diversification
  • c) Secure agreement to proceed with the first step of diversification
  • d) Periodically update the strategy and secure agreement on an immediate implementation action

Read the full Case Study HERE.

Case Study 2: Year End Planning for Executives

This article illustrates the value of doing a comprehensive year-end equity compensation tax planning analysis for executives using StockOpter Pro. This case study analyzes if it is advantageous to sell shares in a concentrated employer stock position at the end of the current year versus the beginning of the next year.

Read the full Case Study HERE.

StockOpter Pro is a single user license for the current annual tax year. The fee is based on user role: $1,295 for client facing advisors or $2,495 for corporate back-office support advisors. For more info email us at or call 541-383-3899.


  • PC running Windows 10
  • Microsoft Office 365, 2019 or 2016. Office 2011 on the Mac and Windows emulators (e.g. Parallels®) are NOT supported.
  • Macros must be enabled. Doing this varies based on your version of MS Office.
  • Basic installation support is provided as part of the licensing fee. If extensive installation support is required, assistance is available at $250 an hour.

Note: StockOpter® Pro must be installed under the logon account of the user of the software. The program will automatically install all of its files in the “StockOpter Pro 20XX” folder within the user’s “Documents” directory. After installation, the New SO Pro 20XX.xlsm file can be moved and/or renamed; however all other installed files must remain where they were installed and with their original names. StockOpter® Pro is NOT supported on a server or a remotely accessed PC.  Custom installation assistance is available for a fee.

Version Number:
Release Date:
Major Changes:
StockOpter® Pro 2022
  • 2022 tax update and price indices.
  • FINAL UPDATE, Product Discontinued Feb 2023.
  • Functionality included in
StockOpter® Pro 2021
  • 2021 tax update and updated price indices.
  • Imports owned share lots from
StockOpter® Pro 2020
  • 2020 tax update and updated price indices.
StockOpter® Pro 2019
  • 2019 tax update and updated price indices.
  • Updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
StockOpter® Pro 2018
  • 2018 tax update, new sample data, and updated user’s guide.
  • Updated for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
StockOpter® Pro 2017
  • 2017 tax update, new sample data, and updated user’s guide.
StockOpter® Pro 2016
  • 2016 tax update, new sample data, and updated user’s guide.
  • NEW Black Scholes calculations to facilitate modeling strategies based on projected Insight Ratios.
  • Expansion of the “Stock Price Override” row from 2 years to 15 years to allow users to refine specific grant diversification results.
  • The ability to spend down the “Investment Account” to provide more accurate and realistic projections.
  • Changes to the stock price indexer function to remove individual company indices and replace them with volatility based ones to model risk more effectively.
StockOpter® Pro 2015
  • 2015 tax update, new and updated stock price indices and new sample data.
  • NEW “Diversification” chart compares the projected value of company stock and options with the projected value of the investment account.
  • Strategy case sheet tabs can now be renamed (Note: using special characters or renaming any other worksheets will cause system errors).
StockOpter® Pro 2014
  • Support for Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1 (Windows XP no longer supported).
  • Includes a new StockOpter Pro Ribbon interface.
  • Includes the 2014 tax update, updated stock price indices and sample data.
StockOpter® Pro 2013.1
  • Fixed the erroneous reporting of the informational line on the ‘Assumptions’ and case sheets titled “Marginal tax bracket”. This line was for informational purposes only, and does not affect other calculations.
StockOpter® Pro 2013
  • Update for the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.
  • Includes the 2013 tax update, updated stock prices indices and sample data.
StockOpter® Pro 2012
  • Modification for Payroll Tax Cut Extension 2012.
  • Includes the 2012 tax update, updated stock prices indices and sample data.
StockOpter® Pro 2011
  • Modification for Tax Relief Act of 2010 .
  • Updated stock price indices, sample data and users guide.
StockOpter® Pro3.91
  • Includes a utility to import grant and assumption data into a blank StockOpter Pro workbook from
  • Restores the utility to import data from StockOpter Insight which was removed in version 3.9.
StockOpter® Pro3.9
  • Includes the 2010 tax update and an updated price indices.
StockOpter® Pro3.8
  • Includes the 2009 tax update, updated price indices and various other release updates.
StockOpter® Pro3.6
  • Includes the 2008 tax update, updated price indices, enhancements to the migration / roll-over functions, installation improvements and changes that address various calculation issues.
StockOpter® Pro3.5
  • Supports Office 2007 in compatibility mode. (tools and menus visible from “Add-ins” menu)
  • Fixed error in Stock Split function that didn’t adjust correctly in 83b elections on RSAs.
  • Updated price indices table to remove value errors. Dropped Single Case chart due to Office 2007 incompatibility.
StockOpter® Pro3.42
  • Fixed errors found in versions 3.4 and 3.41 in the new Minimum Tax Credit (MTC) carryforward calculations and in the redesigned RSA grant block.
StockOpter® Pro3.4
  • Includes the 2007 tax update, modifications for the new AMT refundable credit amount and a slight redesign of the Restricted Stock Award (RSA) section.
StockOpter® Pro3.31
  • Increases the AMT exemption amount for 2006 and extends the 15% capital gains and dividends tax rate thru 2010.
StockOpter® Pro3.3
  • Includes the 2006 tax update, various bug fixes, price indices updates, and miscellaneous minor modifications and improvements.
StockOpter® Entry
  • Effective with the release of StockOpter® Pro 3.3, StockOpter® Entry is no longer available.
StockOpter® Pro 3.2 StockOpter® Entry 3.2
  • Effective Includes the 2005 tax update, various bug fixes, price indices updates, and miscellaneous minor modifications and improvements.
StockOpter® Pro 3.15 StockOpter® Entry 3.15
  • Updates tax calculations based on the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004.
StockOpter® Pro 3.1 StockOpter® Entry 3.1
30.March. 2004
  • Includes the 2004 tax update, a calculation bug fix, a new RSP strategy, price indices updates, migration enhancements, and other user interface improvements.
StockOpter® Pro 3.0
13.October. 2003
  • StockOpter® Pro is a major upgrade that provides significant productivity and feature enhancements including: goal based strategies, support for multiple corporations, and indexing of the investment account.
StockOpter® Entry 3.0
13.October. 2003
  • StockOpter® Entry is a new low cost version for planning assistants and occasional users.
StockOpter® 2.54
25.February. 2003
  • The ability to import data from StockOpter® Insight into StockOpter® 2.54 was added. Updated Tax charts to IRS numbers for 2003, as well as an updated Price Indices.
StockOpter® 2.53
  • A calculation bug was fixed for self-employment tax for ISO option holders who received dividends and also had outside self-employment income.
StockOpter® 2.52
  • No new features were added and no cell formulas were changed. This is a maintenance release only.
  • Updated Tax charts to IRS numbers for 2002, as well as an updated Price Indices data.
StockOpter® 2.51
  • No major new features were added. This is a maintenance release only.
  • Calculations areas addressed include AMT tax calculations on the Case sheets, and the “Marginal tax bracket” reported on both the Assumption and Case sheets.
StockOpter® 2.5
    • Many new features were added to StockOpter® version 2.5. A complete list of features is available. Some of the highlights are:
  • Diversification Illustrator
  • Price Indexer
  • Additional Strategies
  • Transaction override stock price
  • New tax charts
StockOpter® 2.02
  • Bug fix for the data migration tool.
  • Bug fix for StockSplits
StockOpter® 2.01
  • Bug fix for Restricted Stock Plan calculations.
StockOpter® 2.0
  • A significant number of new features were added. A complete list of features, and instructions on their use is available.
StockOpter® 1.04
  • 2001 tax tables. No other functionality features were changed.
StockOpter® 1.03
  • Enhanced to allow any combination or sequence of adding grants and adding stock plans while working in a StockOpter® model.
StockOpter® 1.02qt
  • A “Quick Tour” utility was added to the demo version downloadable from the Web site. No new functionality or feature was added to the full version.
StockOpter® 1.02
  • Year 2000 tax tables.
  • A greatly expanded set of canned strategies.
  • Future year grants fully supported across all types of stock plans.
  • New “Data Migration” tool allows data import from existing StockOpter® workbooks.
StockOpter® 1.01
  • Bug fix for Restricted Stock Plan Calculations.
StockOpter® 1.00
  • First commercial release.
  • StockOpter Pro comes with a detailed users guide and extensive online user support at no charge.
  • Topic information and row help is available within StockOpter Pro and externally via the StockOpter Pro Online Help Directory.
  • There are also StockOpter Pro FAQs in the Support/FAQs Section of this website.
  • In addition, 1 on 1 assistance with StockOpter Pro guru Bill Summers, CPA, CFP, MST, is available for a fee.
  • To send NWSI a StockOpter/Pro file for support click the Uploader Utility link and complete the form.

For more information contact our Support Team at 541-383-3899 and we would be happy to help. (Support Hours: Monday- Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT)

License Agreement

To view the StockOpter Pro License Agreement, click HERE.

The following button enables “current” StockOpter Pro subscribers to download the latest version of the installation program. You will need to enter your email address and a password provided by Net Worth Strategies. If you have any problems call 541-383-3899 during our regular business hours.


“There is arguably no financial planning software capable of illustrating strategies like StockOpter Pro, Michael Kitces.”