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StockOpter generates two different types of equity compensation reports: the Valuation and Risk Analysis Report and the Tax and Cashflow Strategy Report. Both reports are generated using customizable Word templates.

StockOpter Sample Reports- Personal Equity Compensation Profile PDF


The Valuation and Risk Analysis Report establishes a framework for having proactive diversification discussions with clients.  It calculates various equity compensation values and identifies when and why clients should consider exercising and selling their company stock and options. This report illustrates concepts including pre/after tax value, option time value, option leverage, Forfeit Value, concentration, goal attainment, the Insight Ratio and the Share Diversification. For additional information to understand and explain this report, click here to view the Sample Report Presentation Guide.

StockOpter Sample Report- RSAs ONLY Report PDF


The Tax and Cashflow Strategy Report provides detailed tax calculations (including AMT) for custom exercise and sell strategies over a 4-year horizon. This report answers specific client questions and compares multiple diversification strategies that can be optimized for taxes and cash flow. Click here for information on using this planning functionality.