Fidelity Study: Financial Planning Helps Employees Get More Value Out of Their Stock Awards

POSTED ON April 27, 2021 BY Bill Dillhoefer

According to newly released research from Fidelity Investments, the top four reasons employers should want their employees to include their company stock in their overall financial planning are: 1) They are twice as likely to take proactive steps to manage their stock awards, such as accepting awards, exercising options or selling shares; 2) they are twice […]


How performance shares are treated after a death

POSTED ON September 29, 2015 BY Bill Dillhoefer

By Charles Steege, SFG Wealth Planning Forty-eight-year-old Christopher was senior vice president of security at a real estate search company when he died unexpectedly in a tragic car accident. Now his wife, Denise, 48, needs help to understand how her late husband’s performance share units (PSUs) will be handled. While Christopher was working, Denise took […]