Here’s what people are saying about StockOpter, the industry’s best equity compensation planning platform.

“Our client is moving forward to hire us for wealth management. Without StockOpter this would have not been possible. Thank you for building such a great platform!”

StockOpter testimonial: Chuck Steege

“Over the years our firm’s corporate executive clients have benefited greatly from the equity compensation tax planning strategies generated by StockOpter. The program clearly illustrates the taxation of Incentive Stock Options, but it is equally effective for modeling different exercise/sell strategies.”

“Two essential functions make StockOpter the ideal tool for advising corporate executives: 1) the “Monitoring” feature adds needed structure to what would otherwise be a risky market timing approach to diversifying concentrated company stock positions and 2) the opportunity for an executive to see his or her potential “Forfeit Value” to help them properly value their comp package which comes in handy if they are considering a career change or recruiting offer.”

“As a CPA and CFP, I have used StockOpter for nearly 20 years. Providing comprehensive employee stock option and restricted stock planning with StockOpter has provided our firm a competitive advantage. We use the tool to design and demonstrate strategies as well as calculating tax impact for immediate diversification. Obviously, you do need the knowledge to design strategies, but StockOpter makes this easy and provides reliable calculations. It is a must-have tool for working with executives!”

“I’ve found great value in using the StockOpter “what-if” dashboards to help create time and price decisions for my clients.”

“Thanks for creating such a great application! I had been looking for something or someone to help me make rational decisions regarding my stock options. is exactly what I was hoping for.”

“The real value of StockOpter lies not in its equity award computational, analytical and modeling capabilities (strong as they are) or in its capacity to manage data, but in its potential for managing key relationships. First and foremost, StockOpter is a relationship management tool.”